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Liz Calle, "Vocaliz": The Executive Speech Adviser

An expressive and thrilling voice not only has a powerful effect on the audience, but also retroactively, to ones own confidence! Your voice is my priority! When it comes to effective delivery of a speech, a persuasive proposal you need approved, or simply an improvement on your dramatic tone. You have come to the correct person to assist you in all your vocal needs. With over 20 years of experience, I have addressed various vocal issues plaguing business clients abroad and locally, Such as vocal dysphonia, projection issues, nervous tension, vocal fatigue, and alleviation of bad vocal habits to name a few.

In addition, to recreating your Business vocal presence, I can also assist in developing strength and conviction in your ability to speak effectively. With daily exercises  that will enable you to create the image you want others to see, we can work on a strategy to make this a reality!

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